Thursday, February 18, 2010


BRIANNA ERICKSON, Senior Nursing major from Gurneee, IL

Here is a picture from my OB nursing lab last Thursday.  We always wear our uniforms when doing any clinical situation, even if we are staying on campus.  Typically labs last anywhere from 4-8 hours.  We rotate to different stations where we learn different skills that will be applicable to the clinical setting.  This particular day we were working on how to assess, interpret, and evaluate the clinical presentation of a pregnant woman.  In the picture, our OB instructor is measuring my "pregnant belly" to evaluate how many weeks along I am.  During this clinical, we learned about several intralabor tools that are used by both physicians and nurses.  This is a typical lab day for me as a nursing student. Clinials are a lot of fun and our instructors at Augie are great! :)

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